27 July 2015

Experiments with pinhole photography.

                                          Images created using a Diana Lomo camera.

01 September 2014

New Textile Work

Recently I have been looking at how to develop printed fabrics depicting some of my favorite items. I love the look of folded handkerchiefs and abstract paper designs used in 1960s photo albums. Here are some samples I created at East London Printmakers over the summer.

20 February 2014

New Work

Solander Box containing found photographs.

24 January 2014



24 November 2013

10 November 2013

Vintage Scarves

Caravan, 5 Ravenscroft Street, London E2 7SH
You can find it here.

Preston Market

My favorite place in the North of England to find old photographs and other curious things.

21 October 2013

Fabrics, paper and natural dye




Naturally dyed fabric and silk thread samples displayed with items from my vintage paper collection. These fabrics were created at Claire Wellesley-Smith's workshop in Shipley, Yorkshire. We used plants from Claire's dye garden to create these beautiful colours.

a. Cotton and silk dyed with marigold (The colour of the silk fabric is very similar to the old ribbon shown in the photograph)
b. Silk and cotton dyed with woad.
c. Cotton dyed with elderberry.

You can find Claire's work here.